HP-65 Navigation Pac


I've posted a classified WTB for the HP-65 Navigation Pac, haven't ever seen one, and was wondering if HP did, in fact, publish it.


Yes, they did; I have it, and the HP-67 Nav Pack, too. If you're desperate for programs from it, let me know and I can do some scanning.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]



Yes, they did make one for the HP 65. I have one. It's in a green box. Most of the 65 packs came in different color boxs. No, it's not for sale. I only have the one.




Here's a list of the 65 packs that I have. I THINK these are all the paks that were available for the 65.

HP-65 Chemical Engineering Pac 1 (dark orange) HP-65 EE Pac 1 (red) HP-65 EE Pac 2 (red) HP-65 Finance Pac 1 (blue) HP-65 Math Pac 1 (reddish purple) HP-65 Math Pac 2 (reddish purple) HP-65 Navigation Pac 1 (green) HP-65 Stat Pac 1 (lime green) HP-65 Stat Pac 2 (lime green) HP-65 Stress Analysis Pac 1 (orange) HP-65 Medical Pac 1 Cardiopulmonary pack of cards only

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