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I'm not sure Germans use a dot or comma as a decimal and thousands delimiter, therefore I am asking the list, should the crystal frequency which needs to be added be 32.768Khz or 32.768Mhz?

Furthermore, does "calc_ir_full.bin" includes the xtal code, or does "calc_xtal_full.bin" include the ir code?

Going from a 30b to a 34s, should I first flash it with calc_full.bin, and later with calc_ir_full.bin/calc_xtal_full.bin or can I jump directly to the later?

Thank you


Germans as most other peoples in Continental Europe use a comma as decimal delimiter and dots as thousands separators, see p. 34. But, alas, www.conrad.de writes "Denglisch" on the page where you can order the quartz: I'd say they wanted to write 32,768000 kHz - but I can't read their minds :-/ Anyway, this quartz will do :-)

Furthermore, does "calc_ir_full.bin" includes the xtal code ...

Yes it does. And all six versions of "calc...bin" are sufficiently safe, there's no need for stepwise proceding.

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To be safe, without any commas, decimals etc. : 32768 Hz

You can directly go to "calc_ir_full.bin" which includes the xtal code as it is needed for the timing of IR (i think). But the "_xtal_" one includes the stopwatch function but not IR, and "_ir_" one vice versa. Anyway, from what I remember from recent posts is that the xtal must be instaled as the "calc_ir_full.bin" (and "calc_xtal_full.bin") assume the xtal is there on loading and the calculator won't work with these images if the xtal isn't there.



But the "_xtal_" one includes the stopwatch function but not IR, and "_ir_" one vice versa.

Not true anymore. "_ir_" includes everything :-)


The _full prefix just indicates that the library is included.

If you have the crystal installed you can activate it any time from the standard images (nor _xtal or _ir). The command is ON+C+C.

The stopwatch and the printer need the crystal modification for timing accuracy and thus make it mandatory. The initialization is delegated to the startup code and the branches inside the code to distinguish between both clock modes are not compiled in, thus saving some flash space.


Sorry, I thought there wasn't space for both, you guys are getting good squeezing :-). Nice to know it's all in there.


There wasn't space for both when originally implemented. Rewriting the statistical distribution functions saved enough to make it viable to include everything.

- Pauli

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