SY-41CL: Hardware Difference Between V2 and V3


I read through Monte's status postings on his website and it appears that the v3 boards have double the the RAM and Flash of v2. Are there any other differences? It will be very interesting to see if Monte can emulate the Time module and figure out a way to cram it onto a future version of his board. That would certainly motivate me to buy another one.



Have a look at this thread:


The hardware changes are the larger Flash, larger RAM, and some resistors on FPGA outputs to guarantee valid signal levels during the power-up of the FPGA. All of the other changes are software/programming.

As far as the Time Module, I haven't given up yet. But since I have not been able to find homes for all of the V3 boards there isn't much motivation to invest more time on the project.

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