Calculator widow


How many of you remember the classic photograph of the guy in bed working away on the HP-65 while his wife looks blankly away, twiddling her hair in disappointment?

This immediately brought it to mind. Is he holding a 50g, or is it a TI?


I'm a big fan of calculators - but in this situation I would definitely lay it aside! :-)



Calculator? ...What calculator?


Now we know that WP-34s stands for Widow Project. ;-)





My wife might agree too.

- Pauli


I think the man is kissing the calculator goodbye and whispering to it that it will be alright, because he is going to put it away and get busy!!!




Looks like she's cold, especially at her front ;-)


Maybe he's having a problem with his hard drive.


Indeed, he obviously had a severe head crash.

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HP-50G. TI-89 has a curved display.


She's just jealous.

- Pauli


Woman-"Make love to me and I will tell you all about Bessel functions, Gaussian quadrature, multivariate optimization, Newton's method, Eigen values, ..."

Man-"Goodness!! This woman can't shut up, can she? She is rubbing it in my face, because I failed my calculus course and she got A+ all through her math courses. Not like my quiet and very accepting little 'liebchen' here! Let me give my calculator a little kiss!"

Woman-"Go ahead and press the buttons of your little monster. I took the batteries out .... sooooo ... good luck with turning her on!!!"

Moral of the story -- pictures can be deceiving! She is the math genius and he is a math duffus with a high end calculator. Like the machine will think for his clulessness!

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BTW, she's spelled 'Liebchen' ;-)


Thanks Walter! I corrected the spelling in the original post.



... after re-reading all your post I've tried even harder...

... but still can't find the calculator you all are talking about...





It's so frustrating when you don't have an ENTER command.

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