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I've made 3 additional skin-files for the WP34s emulator, which include very comfortable key assignments when using the emulator with the PC-keyboard instead of the mouse. Almost all calculator keys can be accessed with a 'natural' PC-key (e.g. S for STO, R for RCL, X for XEQ, etc...), and this is much easier and faster than using the QWERTZ layout of the original skin files.

And there's one more nice feature: by pressing SHIFT+Letter on the keyboard you get directly the correct 'Letter'-key on the WP34s - e.g. R and Shift-L gives RCL L.

For many keys I've even made more than just one shortcut, especially when there's no proper PC-key, e.g. for [+/-] there are 3 shortcuts: # or M or <Tab>.

If you're frequently using the emulator I'm sure you would like these 3 'extra' skins, here is the download link:


Just unzip it to your emulator folder and then you can select these skins (labeled as 4|5|6.....Extra) in the emulator program.

I've also included a file 'Keys_Extra.txt' with a complete list of all shortcuts for all keys.

If any of my shortcuts aren't appropriate for non-German keyboards, or if you just would like a different shortcut for any key, feel free to change these skin files to your needs - but be aware that finding the correct keycodes isn't that easy ... ;-)

BTW, I've also 3 xskin-files with the same shortcuts for the QtGui emulator, so if anyone would like these files too, then let me know and I'll upload them (but the last QtGui emulator isn't very up-to-date currently).



Franz, this is a wondrous thing.

I would like to use the emulator more for programming and debugging, but up till now the key assignments have slowed things down. Now, there is a more intuitive layout which should be pretty familiar to those who use V41 or Free42.

Thank you so much!



Thanks Les, nice to see that it is useful for someone! :-)

As I wrote, maybe for non-German keyboards it might be necessary to modify a few of these key assignments - for example such special characters like +, #, <, and maybe even swap Y and Z, which have different positions on other countries keyboards (or are shifted keys there).

But that's at least less work than creating the complete keytable from the scratch. ;-)


Edited: 25 May 2012, 4:33 a.m.

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