HP 34S Cable to Flash 30b



I've done some searching (maybe not enough), but I can't seem to find out where to get a cable to flash a HP 30b.

I tried to e-mail Gene Wright, but apparently I need to post several times first.

If this cable is no longer widely available, is there a schematic floating around? Are there similar cables that I can repurpose?




It should work through Gene - but every once and a while somebody has difficulties reaching him. Please search the forum archives, there must be some hints given by him.


Please note that I was charged a $15 fee by my credit card for paying a cash advance through Pay Pal for my cable.


sounds like you need to switch to a different credit card!


Could be. I e-mailed them later and they courtesy credited me back.



There will be flash adaptors available to integrate into the calculator soon. I have received the PCBs today and will get to work on the weekend. I need to populate the boards and convert a calculator to test them.

So hopefully the first ones will be available as of next monday.


Pictures please!


Yay! Do these boards include the extra functionality of charger and/or IR emitter?


Yay! Do these boards include the extra functionality of charger and/or IR emitter?

I have experimented with several versions of it.

One includes Li-Ion battery handling, so the calculator is charged via USB and one of the CR2032s acts as memory backup.
Then there is a "basic" version which includes nothing but the USB connection for flashing.
The 3rd version (the one I have just received the PCBs for) runs the calculator on USB power while it is pluged in, saving (but not recharging) the CR2032s. It also includes the resistor for the IR diode. The IR diode itself is not on the PCB though, as that would make assembly of the calculator awkward and would also require very exact drilling of the hole for the diode.

I have also made a PCB to convert the HP-flash-cable from RS232 to USB.

See also this post .

I will hopefully manage to post pictures this weekend. Progress has been slow as I have been too busy at work.



Hey, sorry you have had trouble getting an email through. Happens with some people and no, their emails do not end up in my spam filter.

email me at


hotmail dot com

or, post your email address in a similar fashion here and I will email you.

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