[HP-50g] Resizing the screen to 131x64



Some applications, written for the hp-48gII for example, do not display properly on the HP-50g, due to the larger screen. Is there a flag or an application that would "reformat temporarily" the screen to 131x64 (from 131x80)?

Thank you


I'm not aware of any such program/command. Then again, I'm no expert.

Can you give an example of a program that's causing problems? If you show something specific, then maybe someone will have a good solution.



An example would be:

The Terminaltor 0.45 Beta

There's a GFX flicker with things such as ZeldaHP 49 0.3
(read comments: http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=3035 )
and most of the applications compiled with openfire.

Those are just two basic examples, but many more applications are affected by this bug. I assume this wouldn't affect the 48gII which has the 48's 131x64's screen resolution (although it is inferior hardware in my opinion.)

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