HP-IL to GPIO interface power supply


I have recently bought a HP-IL to GPIO interface module. The power supply is 8V AC with a U.S (110V). plug. I am in Australia, so I need to substitute the power supply for local conditions (240V) and different plug. Does anyone know if I could use a 9V AC supply instead of 8V AC ? - Thanks, John.


John - if it has batteries in the converter then the answer is 'yes' - these will hold (regulate) the DC voltage. (I assume the batteries are in good condition).

If the answer is 'no' then tread carefully, you might like to consider a variable voltage DC supply setting the output to 8.7V. Again I dont know if there is a full wave rectifier in the convertor in which case polarity is immaterial. Youll quickly find out though as the unit will either work or not (though no damage will result). Hope this helps!


Do you have the 82165 or 82166 device ?

The 82165 has an AC input, so the polarity is not essential

No Dave, there are no Batteries in this device. There is a stabilisation circuit in the 82165. You will kill the 82166, with applying any AC voltage to the pins.

John, you might want to read this thread about the adapter you'd need. I'm from Austria and the adapter should be pretty similar, if not the same.


The 82166 has a two row 44 pin connector and needs exactly 5 V DC. The pinning is written on the 82166.

The adapter you'd want is a 82066B.


Thanks for your input guys, it's definately an AC adapter. Thanks for the pointer to the 41 thread as well Reinhard.

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