[HP-42s] Plotting a function to screen and 82240B.



Could somebody please send me a concrete example on how to plot a function (on a HP-42s) to the screen, for instance Sin(x) and another example on how to plot it on a 82240B?

Finally, is it possible to display, and then plot a graph composed of a sequence of numbers, i.e. Fibonacci numbers, from 1 to 100.

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I'm guessing that you do not have the manual? On pages 154-165 are programs for Display Plotting (DPLOT) and plotting to the printer (PLOT). If you don't have the manual, you can get a copy on the HPMUSEUM DVD set - well worth the price. The DVD also has the HP-42S Programming Examples and Techniques.

You should also check out FREE42 - a great simulator for many different computers. There's also files there for the plot routines from the manual. Links:

Free 42

HP-42 Programs (RAW Files)

The programs are raw files that can be loaded into the simulator. From there you can get the source by listing it and transferring to an actual 42S or just run it on the simulator.

Thanks to Thomas for making FREE 42 - it's on all my computers and cell phone.




I have ordered the DVD yesterday. But I was hoping someone could give me pointers on how to achieve this, either on a real or virtual hp-42s. I have loaded the Plot and Dplot programs, although I do not know how to use them.

thank you.


I just tried Free42Decimal and in the first minute or so of initial operation SONAR (part of my Norton 360?) suddenly removed it as a security threat? Has anybody else had this problem?




In both cases you'll need to write a program with whatever you want to plot. If you want to plot Sin(x) you'd key in something like this:

Yep, even if you have just a single operation to be performed, you'll need a program.

Then, after having all of them loaded - DPLOT, PLOT and the program with whatever you want to plot - execute ([XEQ]) DPLOT (for display, LCD) or PLOT (for the 82240A or 82240B) and fill the parameter variables - YMIN, YMAX, AXIS, XMIN and XMAX - with their related contents. Then the program stops and shows current label (or blank display, IIRC) of the program to be plotted. This is the point you enter the label of the program you keyed in - FCN, in this case -. Press R/S and the function is plotted.

If you are using PLOT instead, you'll also have XINC amongst the parameter variables. This is used just to define how many points (step?) will be plotted between XMIN and XMAX.

Hope this helps a bit.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Thank you Luiz, this is precisely what I was looking for.

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