WP34s Stopwatch & statistics, message for Matthew Krotzer


Hi Matthew,

I cannot reply to the address you used to contact me.
But yes, adding current timer to summation registers would be possible. Questions are the format to use and the set of functions you would need.

Simplest solution would be to activate A (Sigma+) and storing the current timer in tenth of seconds.


Hi Pascal,

I apologize for the bad contact information and thank you for contacting me here. The simplest solution is the one I had envisioned. Is this a feature you can or you are willing to implement?



Yes, I will implement it. I do not know when but soon enough I guess.

Another thing: pressing A/Sigma + should be like pressing . (dot) i.e. adding the current timer value to the summation registers and resetting it.

Another solution would be to continue the timer but storing the delta with the previous summation. And displaying this delta on the top of the screen instead of the STOPW label.

Edited: 23 May 2012, 3:42 p.m.

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