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I think I'm missing something obvious. I just bought another 41cl module and I was going through the manual to figure out the exact differences between v2 and v3 of the hardware. At the top of page 21 of sy41cl_v4.pdf, ADV1 and ADV2 are the Adventure ROM, parts 1 and 2. I don't remember ever seeing an Adventure ROM for the 41. I checked my HP41C 30th Anniversary CD from TOS and I could find no reference to this ROM.

What am I missing? This is really bugging me now.



Adventure ROM is a collection of several adventure games ie Dungeons, Caves&co etc for HP-41 which I never could find the instructions for. 41CL includes so many (some very rare) ROM images in the CL ROM library which is Great!. However not all of these ROM modules have a manual or instruction guide at TOS. I am not sure where to find them either.


Since I put them together let me comment on this.-

The Adventure ROM (and other games ROMS like Trekkies, Chess, etc.) is available at TOS, follow the Library-Custom Peripherals path...

The documentation is in the corresponding PPC journals and other sources mentioned in the QRG, here's a snippet:

PPCCJ V10N8 p40 - Adventure

PPCCJ V12N5p9 - Arena

PPCCJ V10N6p26 - Hobbit

PPCCJ V11N9p12 - Black Tower

plus the Games Solutions Books I & II

and some programs from the hp museum as well.

It's a 28k Module, which was split in two for the CL version.



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