I would very much like to paint the case of my 71 RED. Specifically HAVE it painted red. Ideas?




Well, you'll need a paint brush and a slow hand ;-) Just do it if it makes you happy ...


No I mean getting it done professionally of course. Must look right.


Must look right.

Looks right unpainted IMHO.

I know the idiom "to paint the town red". However, I'd never heard of "painting the HP-71 red" before. Some hidden underlying meaning? :-)


is this a flippant post or a delayed April 1st. idea??


No I am quite serious! If there is a way to cleanly paint he 71 case that would be unreal.


Yes you can paint plastic. It takes a special paint or promoter/primer but it can be done. Find someone who can mask it and airbrush the new color. There will be less buildup that way. Good luck.



Thanks! that is what I was looking for.


This should be no problem for any professional car painting service in the world. Half of the painted chassis of a modern car is made of plastic, wouldn't look very nice if it couldn't be painted ;)


You are better off finding someone who does model painting. People who customise model railroad locomotive and rolling stock are very used to airbrushing plastic. I'd ask at your local (serious) model railroad shop for someone to do this; it is common for this work to be hired out for those that want a particular livery but don't have the equipment and skills to do it themselves. Presumably you will give them just the shell; there is no way for you to properly mask off the display and keys.

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Who's that walking on my bridge?

Your continuity is off. At first you say you've already painted it, then you gladly accept advice on how to do it.

The general advice is to not feed the trolls, but this one sounds good natured. :)


I do not know whom you are speaking to but I never said I painted it.


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Cool I will start making calls. Results will be posted for all remarks...


check out this link for advice on refinishing the bezel. I would not recomend removing it but masking it.

HP 10C bezel replacement and HP 15C bezel refinish in situ


Personally, I think bright green or emergency orange would look better. Maybe both, in alternating stripes?

Sorry to keep feeding the troll, but I couldn't resist. :)


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Looks like 71 :-)


Hi, Walter B & the rest:

I think that perhaps this anodized-aluminum (not painted, ugh) red bezel HP-71B is what he's after ...

... though, myself, I rather prefer my all-patriotic, all-american star-spangled HP-71B:

(sorry, I couldn't resist either ... I know better than to indulge in this ..) XD

Best regards from V.


Shouldn't it be 71 stripes?


Uh, I meant the year :-)


By chance, you wouldn't happen to be one of the 7% of males who is color blind??


you wouldn't happen to be one of the 7% of males who is color blind??

There´s no telling to taste, but looking at those pics I wish I were!



Am I the only one puzzled by the images of red bezel '71s in a request about a red *case* '71? With clear case '71s in existence (and bright blue HP-50s), a different color one doesn't strike me as that odd a request.


I think BLUE is the *traditional* HP colour!! ;)

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