The HP Calculator Calendar


Hi there.

Anyone here remember (or even still have) the HP Wall Calendar from (me thinks) 1982. I'm thinking that was a 1982 calendar to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HP-35.


Do not have it but a mint one went on eBay about at year ago for just over $16,000.


I had it, and possibly is at my parents' home. If it's worth U$S 16.000... well, I will try to find it, for sure!


This one was new old stock. Still yours should carry some value.


Don't you tilt it - it may slide out and off ;-)


Is there a picture of this thing anywhere?


See Here .


Merci beaucoup! Just downloaded the whole calendar :-)


So did I! Yay!!


Thanks! This brings back lots of wonderful memories. I'm glad you found it so I could enjoy it all over again.

Much appreciated

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