Who was that guy (or gal)?


Hello all,

In the 80s I remember these Mathematic Wall Calendars. For each day in the month, there would be an algebraic expression whose result would be (obviously) the day of the month. My instinct and recollection tells me the creator was Martin Garnder. Were these his creations? Were there others who marketed these same type of calendars?


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Unfortunately, I don't know WHO. However, I had such a calendar for 2011. I believe it's been recycled (I'm TRYING to save less 'junk'), but you should be able to find them for sale somewhere.

The one I had contained a cute story about the poor little square root of -1, who felt totally left out and laughed at by the other numbers -- until it was shown that e**(i*pi) + 1 = 0. Little i showed those other numbers what was what!



Are you looking for Martin Gardner? He wrote the Mathematical Games column for Scientific American for many years.


Hello Palmer. To the best of my memory, in the 80s Martin Garder was well-associated with those types of mathematics related items. So yes, I would have thought he would have been the creator I am thinking of unless, in addition to him, others followed the in footsteps and released similar products.

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I think a mathematician named Theoni Pappas puts these out every year, or at least used to. Search for her and you'll find it.


Looking at her bibliography on Amazon, it seems I'm in for lots of amusing reading.


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