SAM-BA v 2.11 for flashing WP34S


Has anyone tried flashing the WP34S with the SAM-BA v2.11 software. I have had problems loading the software and drivers but finally got the screen to come up showing that I had connected to my HP-30B. When I selected the file to send the blue lights flashed on the cable but the dialog box showed only 1% of the file transferred. Now I have a dead WP34S and it doesn't want to load.

Using Windows 7 and cables from Eric on USB port.

Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?

Yes, don't use SAM-BA - use either
MySamba or Pascal's multi-platform tool.

Don't worry, your HP-30b isn't really dead - it's stuck in samba mode. The only danger is unless you removed the batteries, it was probably still on when you put it away and the batteries are now dead.

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It appears SAM-BA 2.11 finally supports USB, but I didn't download it because they would ask some questions to which I had no answer. MySamba didn't work on my HP notebook with Vista HP, even with an FTDI USB-RS232 adapter. I purchased Windows 7 Professional but I didn't proceed with the upgrade because it would allow only a clean installation of Win 7. So I decided to format the 6 GB partition reserved for System Recovery and installed WinXP onto it and a dual boot system. Flashing and reflashing with MySamba works like a charm on WinXP. I should have done that earlier!


Gerson, I am so grateful that I am a Mac user who, in my Windows virtual machines, never got beyond XP and never needed to. Once I got the proper USB-Serial adapter from Eric, I have had nothing but smooth sailing with flashing using MySamba.

Alas, Pascal's tool is another matter. Even though serial communications via the Mac Qt emulator work beautifully, I gave up weeks ago trying to get the Qt flash tool to work. I may revisit it one day, but I am not going to invest the time until I start hearing from more Mac and Linux users who claim success. Right now I am just gobbling up batteries.

So sorry to hear that flashing doesn't go so effortlessly for those using Vista or 7. If I encountered such headaches early on, I likely never would've have gotten involved in WP34S. Now, despite a banker's box of calcs--including a much anticipated yet now barely used 15C LE--the 34S is about all I bother with. I say this because it is true, but also to vex those who have complained of the the "utter domination" of the group by the 34S ;) Next, the Sudetenland!


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to vex those who have complained of the the "utter domination" of the group by the 34S ;) Next, the Sudetenland!

Oooh, I didn't know that yet. Seems you find a quote for every case in Central European history ;-)


I'd like to give Mac a try, but until Apple provides a physical keyboard with Brazilian ABNT2 layout I won't. I would not be willing to apply stickers onto the keys.
I've been using mostly the WP 34s lately, but I am not not so involved, like you and others are. I've added the crystal and proper caps to one of my units (thanks, David Griffith!) and will add the IR transmitter next weekend if I find the components.



So sorry to hear that flashing doesn't go so effortlessly for those using Vista or 7.

That's nonsense: flashing all along under 7, and with a Prolific USB adapter!


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