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Hello all.

Yes, as my George Carlin side is wondering...What is the most ambitious, complicated and and resourceful program you've written for the 28C?


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What about the code object program DHC (Double Height Charcter) ;-)


CHK = 143 Bytes
ASS = 132 Bytes
MDHC = 91 Bytes
DHC = 46

You need 366 Bytes (CHK, ASS, MDHC) to generate a code object program of 46 Bytes. So you filled the memory with 412 Bytes total. You can save some RAM by purging CHK before making DHC or a bit risky, don't comparing any checksums, so you don't need to enter the program CHK at all.

But at the end after purging the unnecessary programs CHK, ASS and MDHC for running DHC you spend 46 Bytes of memory. Not really a resourceful program.



In any case, I'm impressed. That's a lot of power for such a small app. Although I would change the name of that 'a**' routine.

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Not for the 28C, but I wrote a large game for the 28S that required an empty calculator to begin with and used effectively all the available resources.

- Pauli


I borrowed a friend's HP-28C once just to check it out. When I returned it to him, I had programmed it to play "Home, Home on the Range".

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