Classic (HP-67) charger issues revisited


Hello all,

I apologise for bringing up the repeat but, here it goes. I'm not certain why this is happening. Seven hours after I've plugged in the 67 for a recharge, when I try to operate the 67 while it's charging, it will not light up. The charger and the 67 by the battery door are warm. This does not happen when I plug in my other classics (35, 45, 55) to recharge. What is happening? Could the 67 be charging regardless of the operation of the 67 off the adapter?

Any suggestions?

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Does the 67 run on these batteries? If not then there's probably a bad cell(s) in the pack. If so a higher degree of knowledge than mine about the 67 will be needed.



Hello there. Yup! The 67 (and my other Classics, too) is ready to run a marathon with those batteries.


Does the 67 operate as soon as you plug in the charger?

Do you get the same (bad) behavior when using that specific battery and charger combination in another calculator?


Now THAT was what I discovered. My 67 just came back from the hospital after having surgery on the card reader. So, it had been a few weeks since I charged the 67. Also, as I have a fleet of other Classics, I also have that same amount of chargers. In this case, I must've picked up the flaky charger instead of one of the good ones.

Yes, after I made this blunder, I realised that I hadn't quarantined the faulty charger when I first used it. Now that I know which adapter is non-functional, I've isolated it from the lineup.

So, with a functional charger fished out, I am now successfully charging my 67.

Thanks for the help.


Great, you found the guilty!


Well, I'll give it a fair shake and send it to a rest home.

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