[WP34S] QRG & CCL - Let's do it!


We are now discussing the potential needs for a Quick Reference Guide as well as Cue Card Labels on the backside.

So what do we - the beginners - need to set up in order to establish the foundation for such a converging evolution?

I suppose that we could start by making version 0.01 in Word and then store that where and how? But does everybody have Word? Or we could use Excel? A mere text file will not contain graphics. Excel is not that easy for the graphics. And is the end product converted into PDF?

I assume the best thing is to start unstructured from a template as the seed and slowly see where it goes and hopefully matures into a user consenus result.

I agree that each team member knows it all too well to morph into a beginner's mind.

So what platform contains the text and graphics? Can we boldly copy from the manual.pfd v3.1 graphic wise with the team's approval? What is the target size? A two-fold 3 panel double sized QRG with the footprint of the WP34S. Do users have the discipline to limit their own wishes into a common denominator - are we all that alike?


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May be I made improper assumptions about the forum members, so I apologize in advance for the following, but:

AFAIK, there's an earlier thread posted here asking the kind users of our WP 34S about what shall be put on such a document, isn't it? And until now, no direction is seen there yet. So it's moot to talk about technical details (how to edit and print it) IMHO - I'd have confidence that the same folks who gave you a manual will probably give you the other docs as well, provided that first you, the users, have to know what you want. Seems difficult apparently :-/


There's a business joke here: "We don't know what we want - but we'll use our full power to achieve it ahead of plan." ;-)



You're right. My parallel approach suggestion is premature.




Are there any estimates as to the number of active WP34S unit users? And how many read but do not write in this forum (i.e. from Forum stats)?


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