SY-41CL v.3 YFNZ-3B Arrived! Amazing!


So much thanks to Monte, just picked up my 41CL v.3 board today, twice the memory 2xRAM, 2xFLASH, I am lost, I need a map and a compass to find my way around! Loving my 41 even more! For those of us still enjoy using HP-41 regularly, 41CL is a must.


I agree, the V3 board has quite a few new tricks that make the CL even more powerful:

- page 6 supports Bank-switching -> HEPAX there at last!

- supports OS replacement

- nicer messages during function operation

- new/updated versions of many modules in FLASH

- independent module image database (need to tap into this soon)

- and the extended memory that prompted you to post...

a feast!


I don't have a donor for mine at the moment. They are all 1,500 miles (2,400 km) away. Will be back in my real house in 6 weeks or so and then...




Is it possible to get a 41CL v1 upgraded to v3?

- Pauli


Sorry, but the V2 boards (which you have) do not support the larger memory devices. The extra address lines required were not routed to the chips.

But I can update the programmable logic with the new features and load the Flash with the latest images if you cover the postage in both directions. Send me an email if you would like to go this route.

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