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Hi everybody,

There was an idea of a label on the backside of the WP 34S brought up recently by Chris (see separate thread). Now there's obviously quite some space available (some 55mm x 90mm). What's open, OTOH, is what shall be printed on it. We, the creators of WP 34S, won't decide what to put there since we can't know what you don't know or what you have to look up most frequently.

So please tell us what *you* want to see there - and remember we all get older every day, so printing in a font sized 6 points won't help (at least such help won't last for long). May we ask for your votes, please?



Great idea!

I also like the font size topic - right on. I can't read my cell phone warranty number under the battery without a magnifying glass.




My own maskin tape decal has already been through several iterations and now has a fold out flap.

Thus, I am now considering additonally to print my own 1975 HP-25 concept Quick Reference Guide in Word, and then cover it with Post Office tranparent tape as I do not have access to lamination. The folded size will be less than the WP34S footprint, of course.

So I want to bring into the development discussion, if you don't mind me doing that, that we consider Quick Guides eventually - like the manual.pdf 3.1 layout and color scheme. Then, if applicable, we could have a decal/quick guide package evolving.

Let's face it, to a beginner like me the WP34S is a complex unit.




I don't have suggestions at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that I think an informational back-label is a great idea!




That is a difficult one. I could only suggest thing I already have looked up. And that is exactly why I don't need them on the back label anymore.

I also think a back label is a good idea though.


I would prefer to keep the back of my 34s clear. Apart from the keyboard overlay, I want to keep it as original 30b looking as possible. However, if it is possible to slip a quick reference card under the back cover (space permitting), I would find that helpful.


I think Like Bart, but maybe a quick reference card like in the classical ones.....or a quick note about the possibility of flashing through the connector port inside....... For the char size no worries , all we have, I suppose, magnifiers



What did the HP-42S come with?

My HP-15c had stuff on the back, but none of that is necessary in the WP-34s because of the temp alpha display

My HP-48SX has a 72 page "Quick Reference" booklet that fits in the case and describes:

  • 5 pages of special keyboard modes
  • system flag description
  • ON key combos
  • graphics parameters
  • statistical parameters
  • printing
  • I/O
  • Equation writer
  • SLV example
  • braching instructions
  • object types
  • Command reference legend (most of the booklet) which lists the functions, short description and what stack/register is uses for input and output

I think the WP-34s needs something in-between - an 8x14 piece of paper trimmed to 5x14 and folded in 5 could slip into the HP-30b's case.

Question is what parts of Walter's manual need be on it?


Question is what parts of Walter's manual need be on it?

Exactly :-) (see OP)


I've been reading the WP34s manual and I think the first thing that should go into a QRG is (obviously) of all the diagrams showing how the keyboard is redefined in the different modes (transient Alpha, Full Alpha, etc..). But because of size, all that info can't go on the back of the 34s. Perhaps we should follow the 41c example and put the Alpha alternate keyboard layout on the back with the rest in the QRG.

Then there's the index of operations. Humm, is there a way reduce the 131 page manual to the size of the 34s? I'll have to go back and watch "Fantastic Voyage" again, but that shrinking only lasts an hour... then there's the Raquel Welch distraction...



I downloaded Walter's great manual to my Motorola XOOM tablet and it appears to work. I opened it in Amazon's Kindle there as well.

This changes my personal form factor approach as I am now prototyping a new small form factor version into Microsoft Office for Windows Phone which may be ideal. I'm exploring my three options of PowerPoint, Word, & Excel.

The WP34S is so large compared to earlier models that I have to make sure that I'm not stuck in a past way of thinking.

Contrary to what I communicated to Walter in another thread earlier, I do now believe, upon pondering, that the form factor specifications influence my line of thought as to contents. This is a multivariate gedanken model; not orthogonal.


Edited: 17 May 2012, 3:45 p.m.


Perhaps we should follow the 41c example and put the Alpha alternate keyboard layout on the back

Please take a look at the most recent manual in SourceForge, page 112 :-)

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