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A long time ago I decided to collect scientific HP calculators only, no business calcs. There were different reasons for that limitation like tight space, money, etc. Today, when I restored the HP-22 shown below, the temptation was too strong and I decided to keep it. I like the Woodstock Series very much, those are so nice and handy little calculators, and they are easy to service (as long as none of the IC's goes crazy). Well, I've violated my own principles (oops, I did it again) but on the other hand I've got now a complete Woodstock Series. So at least I have a good excuse ;-)

As a reminder of my weak mind I shot this picture:


schön !


I just get aware that this HP-22 is an early one, serial no. 1511S... Now, I'm confident that I took the right decision!


Pretty babe!


Hi Juergen,

I once heard this sentence: "Ich bin aus Prinzip gegen Prinzipen". Unfortunately, I really don't know how to translate that one properly.

Woodstocks are really the nicest calculators ever. If they send me to the exile in Siberia (or St.Helena which I would prefer) one day and I can only take one calculator with me, it will be one of them (but rather a 25 than the 22).

In the beginning I wanted to collect scientific programmable calculators with LEDs only. Unfortunately, there are so few of those that I had to violate my principles as well :-)



Max, "In principle I'm against principles". Or, "Principles are principally to be avoided".


Great to hear that I'm in good company, that makes it easier to bear my weakness!


Yeah, I share your feelings about Woodstock design :-) Compact & clean! Enjoy in every sample!


Very nice! And great to have a full set of Woodstocks! Enjoy!

And I like Marcus' way of putting it.....

"In principle I'm against principles"


It looks very nice! Congratulations!

I don't have any Woodstock yet (I'm looking for a nice, working and affordable HP-25C or HP-29C - the three criteria are hard to meet, however).

I don't use any of the calculators in the picture, but I like Voyagers and Pioneers. The 5-Real bills delivered by an ATM machine yesterday, ending in 11C through 16C remind me I still don't have an HP-10C :-)



P.S.: Just "won" this HP-12C Prestige in a last minute bid. I'd rather get a NIB one, but they are virtually impossible to find these days.


"These are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."

-- Groucho Marx


nice one, Juergen!


IMHO, Woodstocks are the ancestors of all tamagotchies.


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