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It's 2:20 AM, Monday morning in Brazil (Brasilia timestamp). See you later, folks.

Would anybody post a few tips on how to navigate on e-Bay to find such events, as an Hepax module being sold for the frugal 565 bux? I sometimes want to check for some prices, but I do not even know how to get in the page. How many e-Bay's are in the World?



I don't know if this will work for you in Brazil, but I just go to You don't have to register unless you want to bid, although sometimes I have seen bidders listed in an auction marked "not registered". These might have been completed auctions where the bidder was no longer registered. Sometimes when following a link in a message here in the Forum, I have ended up at Ebay UK, Deutschland or Australia. The home page lists 20 different country sites, including Brazil! ( ) Once you get to Ebay, the Search button (in the webpage, not the web browser search button) will give you many choices. By default it will search for items in current auctions (not yet ended). I have found it is most useful to search for the model number, omitting the "HP" because sometimes people spell out "Hewlett Packard". Especially when the model number has a letter suffix (like "71B") this narrows things down quite a bit. You can also search "Completed Auctions", this will find items auctioned in the past two weeks or so, whether they sold or not. Ebay must have several warehouses full of sales information, but I suppose they are doing a big job to make a couple weeks worth available - they used to display on their home page, how many auctions are completed each day, it was in the millions! Also you can search by seller, among other ways. Sellers and bidders choose user ID's to use in Ebay when they register. Ebay has online help pages and a discussion group to help with usage and to solve problems. As has been discussed here, it is very difficult to contact Ebay directly. I hope this is enough to get you started!


One other thing: Ebay (at least the US site) shuts down for maintenance for a few hours, once a week. As it is not shut down now (Sunday night) I think it must be Friday night.


Hi, Ellis;

thank you for the guidance.

Best regards.

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