48gii discontinued?


I don't see the 48gii on hp's website anymore. Does anyone know if it's been discontinued?



Hard to say. Their website is so fickle. They have the 50g in stock now.

But they will be happy to sell you a MacBook Air knockoff.


I would guess yes. If I recall correctly, the 48gii does not have a USB port and it's been dropped from Fry's inventory ever since the 49g+ was replaced by the 50g - and that was 2005-2006.


The 48gii has USB and a serial port but no SD card and less memory than a 50g. Otherwise they are identical.


Hi, Marcus.

I have an HP48GII and what I could never understand was why HP decided to put a RS232 communication port to work through a mini-USB connector! The HP48GII has a mini-USB connector and comes with a unique DB9-to-miniUSB cable so it can be connected to a RS232 port.

No USB port. It has no such option in the APPS -> I/O -> Transfer menu.

And it also has IR comms.


Luiz (Brazil)

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You must have an older sample than me. Maybe they revised the hardware some day. Mine has the special serial connector (matching Eric's cable or the original device-to-device cable) and a separate mini-USB socket.


Yes, they revised the hardware significantly at some point. Personally, I think they should have revised the model number at the same time.

The newer 48gii's added USB, a 4th battery, an extra 128k of memory and the equation library (actually I'm not certain that the last one was absent from the original 48gii).

Other differences with the 50g include a slide-off plastic cover instead of a pouch, a smaller display and a different color scheme (which I really like).



Yep, mine is the first-series model, then. 8^(

But hey, there would be no new model if there is no old one, right? (How much will these worth paying for in, say, 35 years from now? $$$$$... I feel like coburlin, somebody help me!!!! Doc?)

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IIRC , the 1st incarnation of the 49gII- (aka "48gII";-) has either a power drain problem, or a serial port problem, or maybe both;-)


I remember reading about some serial port issues related to the HP49G, and I also remember that some (a few?) users have found their way out of it buy building external, dual low-power opamps in some configurations to normalize the I/O signal. Because my HP49G worked pretty fine, I actually did not get too deep into reading about these.

I also remember reading about some issues related to the HP48GII, but I must confess that I do not recall the details. I used mine just a couple of times, mostly to test it and try some things. I just wanted to have a reference in case someone needed help elsewhere. Mine is the one with about 82KBytes user RAM.


Luiz (Brazil)

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