Wow. $565 on ebay


I'd love to have one of these, but not at that price. That's more that some red dot HP-35s and HP-70s have gone for!


oh, it seems to be a comon thing today- I'm watching a few things spike in price rather dramatically.

A couple things I was watching just went through the roof

and I *so* wanted an rs-232 interface for HP-IL.....


I was the second highest bidder on this auction. I still wnat to get a HEPAX. Does anyone wants to sell his for such a high price?



But this is nuts! I can only understand paying this king of money if you are a collector and wish to gather *all* the modules you can find.

But if you actually want to *use* it, then paying $565 will cause real headaches. What if you zap it? What if your HP41 is stolen, lost or misplaced. What if it just dies 1 month after you buy it (its a 15 year old part after all and you have no idea where it has been all these years).

For this kind of money I'd suggest you build/buy an MLDL box and download the HEPAX image to it. You can find the image on the net (and the manuals) and you can find instructions for building an MLDL on the HP Forum archives.



It was a matter of two minutes and a lot of luck to beat Matthias...;-) Had my connecion speed been slower, I would be the second highest bidder instead.

I have been seriously bit by the collector's bug and wanted an HEPAX module so badly... I have lost a couple in the last year, and did not want to miss a third one. I kind of try to make up for the accessories I could not afford or did not know about back when I was a serious 41 user.

My 41s never leave home and stay in a safe place when I am not around, so the chance of losing them (and now the module) to a thief is rather small, or so I hope.

I like this hobby, maybe too much. Perhaps Doctor Michael could help a little with his opinion...

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