41CL. "CL" means...


What does CL mean in the amazing 41CL?

Right now I am assuming they are using Mercedes terminology for "Coupe Long" which were always the top end vehicles. The elongated coupes. (450SLC, 500SLC, 500SEC, 560SEC, CL600, CL 65, etc.)

Thinking of adding cosmetic mods to the CL I will build and call it the CL AMG.

Still looking for the equivalent of a CL mod for the HP71b which is my service machine. I am prodding the great Bill Wickes to do that as we speak. Hope he is interested. Probably not.




L is Roman for 50, a reference to the 50x speed.



... and in succession from 41C (roman 100), CV (roman 105; the "5" is related to the x5 factor in the quantity of user registers available) and CX (roman 110, somehow equivalent to CV + ext functions + time). So the next "two digits" roman number is CL (150).


So should I hold out for "CM"?


Well, "CD" should appear before "CM" :-)


Actually C stands for constant memory (if I am not wrong), so rather than 400x and 900x these will have 500x and 1000x speeds. Wow!


... and "CC" before "CD" :-)


Once you've used the CL what should be appropriate would be to retroactively relabel all other models (C, CV, and CX) to "41SM" - for SLOW MOTION !!

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or Sado Masochism


I bought my HP41CX in 1983 (just starting graduate school). It was an awesome machine and a pleasure to use (and still is). It is not fair to compare a 30 years old machine with a new one and call it slow. At the time the speed was fine. There is no need to rename it but, if you insist, I suggest something more appropriate: 41CM, 41CVM, 41CXM, "M" for Masterpiece.

Regards, HAL


I'd say that featurewise, the 41CL is an XXL version of the HP-41 (any version).

So we already have the abbreviated version of the name 41CXXL, which is 41CL;-)



Indeed, without the original masterpiece, there would not have been anything to improve upon.


I have a halfnut CX and a fullnut CV. The first one apparently cannot be modified, and I heard mixed opinions as to whether the CV, even if a fullnut, can take the upgrade.

It's probably for the best. I have already splurged for a NoV-64 and a PIL-Box, both of which are in the international post at the moment. Moreover, the FixThatCalc.com main page has asserted "no new orders!" since the beginning of the year, and I don't want to test my excellent customer relationship with Randy by asking for special treatment. Because, I am sure, many of us have had him do work for us, and we're ALL special.

The speed is impressive, but I have to say that I am even more impressed by all of the modules that are already built in, just waiting to be plugged in (virtually speaking) for use. Sort of makes me wonder if I ever do get an upgrade what new use I can find for NoV-64, since I won't need to burn module images I already have right in the CL. (I have to admit that the HEPAX functionality and the the ability to have the legendary PPC ROM together at at a fraction of TAS prices, if you can find them, was what persuaded me to enter into the Clonix/Novxxx world--and even that is just putting my baby toe in the water of Diego's brilliant creation.) Anyone out there have both the CL and a member of the Clonix family? How do you work (or play) with the combination?



What is the CL battery life like?

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