USB Chargers for Classics


Hello all.

As I've been acquiring Classics (HP-35, 45, 55, 67), I've noticed on eBay this item:

Classic Series USB Charger

What are your thoughts on this item? Or would it be best to use the original HP chargers?


I have one of the USB chargers, and it works fine. A standard USB port will provide up to 0.5 amps of current at +5V; that's 2.5 watts, while the Classic chargers I have claim "0.5W max", so if anything the USB charger will probably charger your Classics faster.


As you say, a standard USB port is rated to provide up to 0.5A, but the actual current depends on the device, not the rating of the port. The charging cable in question is designed to provide about half the charging current of the original HP charger, so it will take about twice as long to charge.


By the way, although this is the only one I've seen, are there USB chargers for Woodstocks or Spices?

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