A truly international 32sii


I just bought a 32sii from a dealer in Germany - seems he'd just had a new batch of calcs. Ok, so I knew the manuals would be in German - I can cope with that. But, when it arrived I see that it was packaged for the Spanish speaking world with accompanying Spanish manual (German version scanned on CD).

So, here we have a calculator designed in USA, made in Indonesia, packaged for Spain/Latin America, bought from Germany by me in England - No wonder they complain about globalisation!!

BTW I picked it up for $105 inc. p&p. If you can overcome the language barrier I reckon that's not a bad deal over e-bay prices.

Adios (as they say in Germany!)


In "Casablanca", near the start, when Peter Lorre's character is telling Rick how he's planning to leave, he says something that sounds like "Adios, Casablanca" but he might be using the French word for goodbye, as they are in a French territory. I know Peter Lorre was German but I'm not sure of the nationality of his character (Ugarti?)


I think he might have said 'Adieu', which is French for goodbye/farewell - means the same as its Spanish counterpart.

I'm new to all this HP calculator stuff. Prompted by having lost my Casio a few months back I began searching for something new and bumped into HP. Unfortunately, it seems like I'm a bit too late - looks like it's all over bar the shouting. However, I am chuffed that I managed to get my hands on an RPN calc at last. Somehow (and I know it sounds a bit conceited) one feels a bit superior to other calculator users.

Actually, I first encountered RPN about a year ago when I tried to use a colleague's 11C. I was an RPN virgin, and after seeing the look of confusion on my face he kindly pointed out, "It's reverse polish notation." Of course, I was instantly enlightened - not!! And proceeded to hand it back to him, "Nice", I said, not wishing to show my ignorance - and withdrew.

My curiosity should have been aroused at that point, but for some reason it wasn't - and now I regret that I am late coming into the fold.

I'm not really collector material, but strangely I've acquired 3 HPs (35, 20s & 32sii) over the past couple of months. I never intended to collect - just to use. There must be something about these machines which caused this to happen - weird. (Actually, the 35 was just lying on a desk at work, presumed dead, but with a bit of careful nurturing I brought it back to life).

Must dash.....Ash.


As Victor Laszlo said to Rick (approximately) - Welcome back to the fight! This time ... well, I don't if we'll win, but at least we can keep each other company!


At that time Casablanca was in French territory but there were other parts of what is now Morocco that were Spanish territory. Even some ten years before France and Spain join forces to fight a rebelion at Casablanca.
So although they were in French territory he might have used the spanish word to say goodbye.


I've discovered that he 'addio' - blowing all our language theories out of the water. Well, that's what he should have said...here's a section from the original script....


One moment. Tonight I'll be selling thoise for more money than even I have ever dreamed of, and then, addio Casablanca!.......



One moment. Tonight I'll be selling thoise for more money than even I have ever dreamed of, and then, addio Casablanca!.......

So, in the end, it speaks italian!


Thanks for figuring that out! BTW, it had struck me that the name "Casablanca" must be Spanish.

I think "Casablanca" is about the best film ever made. I can watch it anytime. It is interesting to read (or watch the documentaries on the DVD) about the making of the movie - it was just another project with lots of problems and last-minute changes.


The original name is portuguese, Casa Branca. Which is very similar to the later spanish conversion Casablanca. And the meaning is the same: white house.

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