Who bought the TI-88?


For $3010.00!


And more interestingly, how rare is the TI-88? That is quite a lot of money for a calculator. And that comes from someone who frequently gets told he is nuts for spending too much money on calculators ;)


According to Joerg's page about the TI-88 there are only six units known to have survived. I now open the floor to TI durability jokes. :)


I now open the floor to TI durability jokes. :)


To be correct:

Most of the TI-88 owners don't want their names mentioned on my website. Think about former TI employees - the TI-88 calculators were officially "destroyed" ;-))

My guess so far: 20 to 50 out in the wild.

Cheers, Joerg


that's more than I paid for the last car I bought!


I drive a Rolls-Royce. So no issue with calc. prices.

The most $$ calc auction I saw was for a no-name thing code named: "Gonkulator."

Built by a custom mfr, it went for only a bit more than the TI-88. I recall about 3200-3250. About three years ago.

Impressed with the TI price. Anybody want to buy my mint 58C with docking station? :)


I drive a Bugatti Veyron and I still wouldn't pay that much for Ti-itis...


I drive my wife crazy, does that count? BTW, I would never allow a TI in my home. :-)


Agreed, TIs knock on my door all the time. I just do not let them in....


Yes, it counts. That is why it also requires a license (at least, so they say).


Marriage License! Of course!



Agreed. I would pay a lot for something unique and usable. But the TI, just not my style...


I drive a small red car with a horse*. Yet I wouldn't buy that TI either. However I would pay up to 1/88th of that price for a working and good-looking TI-58C or TI-59.

* Many horses actually. 92 of them to be exact! :-)


I can offer a near-mint 58C with docking station for 10,000 USD.


A Type I Curta sold for $3400 about nine years ago, but that was after an article in Scientific American created a sudden interest in those calculators.


ANNOUNCED: Donald Trump bought the machine. Now called the "Trump Calculator."



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More than I paid for my SR-60, although not more than I paid for my Atherton-restored 9100B...


Gosh! :-O



TI manufactured thousands and thousands of SR-60 and not all were upgraded to SR-60A. The TI-88 is something very special, I saw recently all the peripherals like printer, cassette interface etc. Only few calculator projects of this size were cancelled at such a late stage.

Regards, Joerg

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