O.T. (somehow): why bother?


Hi, all.

Sometimes I actually cannot follow...

Why bother taking care of pointing out the correct references when people seem not even knowing what are they dealing with? When I red the title I thought "TI-150 looking closer to the TI58/59? This is new!" Go figure...

I am completely sure that many people do this, but I remember a time when people used to take more care of what they said, thought, wrote...

Sorry if this is boring... Sometimes I miss brainy people to talk to.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz,

I tend to think the auction was declared that way intentionally.

Since the face plate of the calc clearly states "TI Programmable 58C",

maybe the seller thought to pull more attention by using an obviously wrong description;-)



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Hi, Ray.

I wasn't aware of that, thanks for clarifying. Matter of fact, it worked. For me, at least.


Luiz (Brasilien)


or maybe the seller saw that a 150 just went for $160 and figured "150 <> 58c. what's the difference? it's just numbers"

and btw; what about this dildo? saying it makes it so?

ebay fool

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Ah, that would be the well-known variation of RPN with the 'equals' sign! :-)


Hello Luiz,

What about the unique 'HP Planthiun' financial calculator? :-)




As we say in Portuguese:
What the f**k do we know!

I guess this would answer John W. Kercheval's question about green HP.

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