71B vs 41CL The HP "Certainty Principle"


Still loving the CL. Way to go Monte & Co.! Getting ready to order & build my own.

A point of clarification- the hp71B is faster than the CL. This is called the HP Certainty Principle.

HP built in fail safe speeds so one handheld cannot outrun another. The HP48GX is the penultimate speedster and the 71B is the ultimate. I assume the 41CL is third.

The HP71B in full CMT regalia is what I am using.




Have you tested the 41CL in Turbo50 mode? I don't have a 71 to test with, however I assume the 41CL in Turbo50 mode would be the fastest.

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This performance comparison sheet may be of interest.

You may imagine what speed increase of 50 times means, although the actual speed increase is somewhat less, it gives you an impression how the 41CL compares to the 71B speedwise.

Gruß Günter

Though from Germany, not the winning bidder on the TI-88 :-)

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I am joking of course.

Still in awe of this board.



I just did a quick test with my HP41CL. At TURBO0, I got 35 seconds for 3 iterations, which should be 11.67 s/iteration. At TURBO50, I got 15 seconds for 30 iterations, which should be about 0.5 s/iteration. The HP71B got about 1.64 s/iteration.

The 41CL is just amazing.


See also Calculator Benchmark, and HP-41CL Benchmark (sorry, in German only). Please note that for MCODE speed increase IS linear!


Let me prefice this with the following: I have not yet played with WP34S as I should have.

The HP41CL blows me away. I have a spectacular 71b with 128k, card reader, math rom and full HPIL options. It also has the overlay modified to my requirements.

Now back to the 41CL and my reasons:

1.  The HP41 is the legacy machine I cut my teeth on.  Yes I had a 25 in 77, but that 
just whetted my appetite for the 41. The 41 brings all that back.
2. All those ROMS at my finger tips.
3. Serial interface now with my PC.
4. The joining of 1979 to 2012.
5. IR printer. (yes the 34s has the printer hence my first statement above).
6. Full internal backup!!!!!

Nough said for me.

Now to get some free time for the 34s, mini 15c, the book, the car, the house, the calcs I must repair (Gene et al), the...


P.S. hello Herr Schink, yes to Hefewiezen!

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P.S. hello Herr Schink


yes to Hefewiezen!

Sigh. It's Hefeweizen, Geoff.

Ok, at Nashville (or Houston) you'll provide me with some additional practice in packing the proceedings. And I'll try my best to enhance your abilities to spell and drink Hefeweizen correctly.

:-) Günter


I stand corrected, however there is a caveat: that is how I spell it after having two pints prior to writing the response above!



Looks as if we need a plan on enhancing your pint interoperability.



Funny, your quoting SOP's to me



Do you have difficulties to properly apply SOP's in other fields too?



Agreed!!! In 1977 I was 11 years old. But my 41 was my main machine.

This is an HP71B world.

But moving to the CL as another "stick."

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