Calculator Simulations for Palm


Some Palm-OS RPN calculators are available.

1. HP-12C simulator

2. HP-41CX emulator

3. HP-41CV emulator with roms

4. Scientific Programmable, no specific model, but a true RPN

5. HP-16C simulation



I'm hoping to get a used, low-end Palm from a friend, will investigate these.


I am a registered user of both of the HP-41
Palm emulators. They both work great. The nice
thing is I always have my Sony Clie with me and it
gives me full access to the HP-41.

Bill Hemphill


I've seen this come up now and then and I wonder why people don't often mention RPN (the calculator)?

Nth lab (Russ Webb) makes it, and it's programmable, usable, has a easy to view stack, and generally rocks

It also has several function sets available via:

there's another one titled RPN here, it's nice but not the same beastie:

now, why can't I find something like this for my jornada 720?!?!
(H/PC is != P/PC and most wince calc software is P/PC *only*)



Have you tried ?



My goal with this thread is to gather simulations that are HP-like. So here is the collection, with my own HP-Likeness indication. Software authors take note: HP-Likeness is important!

1. HP-12C simulator

Very faithful HP-12C simulation, including programming. Very clever and functional solution for simulating the voyager keyboard on the palm screen.

HP-likeness: 8 out of 10

2. HP-41CX emulator

Very faithful HP-41CX emulation (uses HP-41CX ROM) - much better on color.

HP-likeness: 9 out of 10.

3. HP-41CV emulator with roms

Not as faithful as coconut, but the author is working on it. Very interesting ROM modules management.

HP-Likeness: 7 out of 10

4. Scientific Programmable, no specific model, but a true RPN

Does not emulate a real HP model, but creates a surprising level of likeness. Very interesting functionalities.

HP-Likeness: 8 out of 10.

5. HP-16C simulation

Complete (as far as I know) functional simulation of 16c, but a keyboard like KK-12C would improve HP-likeness very much.

HP-Likeness: 7 out of 10.

6. Other RPN calcs

There are at least 6 other RPN, with very good functionality as a RPN calc for palm. As HP-likeness is below 5, I don´t list them here.


I wonder if there should be pointers for these in MoHPC. Nothing is quite so pleasing as those Java emulations (25 & 35), but these would seem to extend the range of choices considerably.


MOHPC is THE place for simulator authors to show their work. Simulations on a color Palm or a P/PC are currently very pleasant. With some work, these will be more satisfying than the Java simulations. Why ? Because PC simulation is not portable.


I'm not sure I follow you. the only emulator I can currently use on my pda is a java based one. (not counting omnisolve, but omnisolve lacks a lot)

So, I'm finding Java to be quite portable, thanks :)

and for the java ones with source code available, it is perhaps possible that I will yet be able to modify them to work properly with the screen dimensions of my h/pc


Oops, sorry for my lack of precision about portability. Java is a portable language. Palm, H/PC and P/PC are portable devices.

A Java simulation on a pocket device is twice portable ;-)))

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