Presenting Calcs in a glass case


Hi there,

Sure there is somebody who presents his calculators in a glass case. Two questions about that:

1.) In what way did you fix them in the case ? 2.) Is there a possible damage because of sun-light

known in such a glass case ?

Thanks for your feedback

Andreas Stockburger


I do not store mine under glass, Of course sunlight is hard on any plastic, causing brittlness and yellowing as the plasticizers are driven off and polymer bonds break. Glass would provide some protection to sunlight, possibly special glasses designed to filter out all UV may be best if you must expose the calcs to sunlight.



but whats the way in storing them. If you store them in the original case (if it is existent) you need to open and close the cases if you want to see or show them. Over the time the cases gets broken !? Or do you use seperate cases ?


Andreas Stockburger


I would be most concerned about direct sunlight (with or without a glass shield). A glass case not in direct exposure to sun should be OK. The electronics in calcs of course has only a finite lifetime (depending on the particular part) Avoiding high humidity is beneficial to prevent corrosion.

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