HP Solve Newsletter April 2012 arrived


Dear All,

the April 2012 issue of the HP Solve newsletter arrived ! Have a look here and enjoy 3.36 MB of interesting reading.

A hearty THANKS to Richard Nelson and all the other involved for their great work!

Best regards



Thanks for flagging that, Karl. Now downloaded ready for tonight's commute home!




Now downloaded ready for tonight's commute home!

Hi James, may I ask what kind of reader do you use to read pdf's like that?

Many thanks in advance, Alex


Hi Alex

An iPad2 - both the iBooks and Kindle app work fine with pdfs. It also means I can check into the Museum as well during the commute as have reasonable 3G coverage along most of the train route.




Thanks a lot for your kind answer!

Best regards,


Hi, all.

I downloaded the articles and went reading the one about RPN evolving. I found the second paragraph somehow conflicting and decided to ask for opinions.

If you press the digit 5 on an RPL calculator the “5” is entered into level 1 of the stack. The same thing happens with a classical RPN calculator. If, however, you then press ENTER the two user interfaces operate differently. The same thing happens with a classical RPN calculator.
Shouldn't it be:
If you press the digit 5 on an RPL calculator the “5” is entered into a command line prior to be entered in level 1 of the stack.
I am not sure if this is what happens in the WP34S, because I do not have one (neither have installed an emulator), but I read it has a 8-level stack, so I cannot be sure about the WP34S being a RPN, a RPL or a midbreed and how does it deal with the stack.


Luiz (Brazil)


WP 34S is good old classical RPN - it behaves in principle like the HP-45 or HP-42S. The only major differences are:

  1. The numeric input is echoed as you type - syntax checking will begin with ENTER or another legal command, not earlier.
  2. WP 34S allows you choosing either 4 or 8 stack levels (X, Y, Z, T, optionally plus A, B, C, D). With 8 stack levels, d will be repeated like t with 4.
I definitively recommend reading the manual here in this matter :-)


WP 34S allows you choosing either 4 or 8 stack levels
Yep, that's what I read about, I myself missed my own thoughts when writing...

Thanks for the link, will read it and get to know it better.


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks. I just got my copy.

By the way, the article references RPN Tip #4 but does not say which newsletter that's in. Which HPSolve editions are the tips in? Thanks

Edited: 2 May 2012, 12:44 p.m.


although I couldn't find the reference to RPN Tip #4 in the April 2012 issue, you find Tip #4 in Volume 4, May 2008 (still available for download here )

Best regards



Found Solve #4. Thanks

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