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Ok, I can understand traditional HP serial numbers. But I cannot understand teh new scheme for it, that was adopted lately. My brand new Indonesian HP-20S, for instance, is S/N ID82102556. I know that ID stands for Indonesia, OK. But what for the rest ? I´m sura it was not manufactured in 1982, nor in 2042. So ?

Any clues ?


PS. This one has the "traditional" gold-blue color scheme and not the "new" blue-purple or whatever scheme.


Consider yourself lucky that your "new" calculator was made in 1998. The new units are black with the awful(IMO)green and lilac keytops.

An explaination of the new serial numbers can be found here:


Yours would have been built in the 21st week of 1998 and it was the 2556th unit produced that week.

Just for comparison, I checked my newest 20S purchased in May 2002: ID20201847. 2nd week of 2002. Pretty new. The green and lilac paint is still wet on the keytops...


Thanks, Randy

My other HP-20S is the ID10201302, then I understand that it was manufactured in the second week of 2001, in Indonesia also, right ? In fact, It includes a third emblem (?) - a big C - in the back cover, may be regarding some quality assurance agency os the like.



Yes, your decoding is correct.

I don't think we ever settled which regulatory agency the "check mark within the circle" emblem is from. There was a thread some time ago on the subject:



I have a 19BII made in 1996; the case has "Made in Indonesia" stamped on it yet the serial number reads 36XXBXXXXX.

Does that not mean that the machine was made in Brazil?

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