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Hi all.

After diving in with the Classics, Woostocks, Spices, etc. I've found both the reusable labels and Rapid Reverse Branching a very effective pair of programming techniques. Even when I port some 34C, 67 programs, I need to reframe them to fit the 42 and 32SII to conform to these other means of label and address usage.

When and why did HP abandon and restructure these methodologies in later series?

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Try to relate these techniques to speed and memory resources. They are both effective in slower machines and small RAM space. For fast calculators with lots of memory, they may not make a difference. The HP42S simply inherits the HP41 structure.

You see that this is not exactly consistent to to all new designs, just check that neither the reusable labels are allowed in the HP32S-series.

My thoughts, though.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Yes. Thanks to the 'DUP.LBL' message, is a firm but definitive reminder of the single-use protocol. Maybe it's even better this way. Even with the 67's 224-step memory, 26 labels in the 32/33/35 gives enough room for subroutines and other branch points which are spread through the 67's short programming space.

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