High consumption with hp48G


I bought a calculator hp48G by EBAY. It works correctly in the exception that it empties my piles (batteries) in three days.
How it's possible? HAve you an idea?
Didier From Belgium


Quel genre de "piles" ou "batteries" utilises-tu? Alkaline ou saline 1,5V dans le premier cas? Accus 1,2V dans le second?


Monsieurs !

I´m sure we have HP maniacs from all over the world. I can read your French, but may somebody else cannot. Use the English language, please !





I'd return the calc to the seller immediately!

The massive battery drain is typical for an HP-48 if someone put the batteries in with the wrong polarity.
You can consider thecalc as defective,
since in fact at leat one electronical element (a zener diode ) has burnt.

So if you're sure you didn't do this you should return it to the seller.



I used piles alkaline, actualy I use batteries given the consumption. Raymond is probably right. However the salesman do not answer obviously any more. I should thus find the rigth diode myself.


Just put it on ebay and sell it to some other unsuspecting bastard. Don't let it be your loss. Pass it on to someone else.

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