HP 67/97 "Trick" Cards Warning for HP-97 Users


HP-97 Users, please take note of the following:

The program under label "A" of the card labelled "Seasons Greetings" will **print** the special NNN's on the printer. (PRST Command)

It has been mentioned several times that printing these on the HP-97 will cause permanent and unrepairable damage to the printer head.

So.... be careful out there! And be aware of the potential damage from this program.

The program under label "E" of the same card will just display the special characters and not print them out.

For those without it, here's what the program tells us (it looks better in red led)...

"o o o o o"
"8E dEC 25"
"o 9lod do4"
"oll do4"
"o o o o o"
"8E 1977"
"o 900d"
"oll 4Eor"
"90d 81E55"
"o o o o o"

And if you can understand that you can appreciate 26 years of technology growth and deserve to have that new HP67CX appear in your Christmas stocking.


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