What is Speed Machine Pac Module??


For the HP41CX.



Hi, Iqbal;

Follow this thread. If the Speed Machine Pac is the same as the Speed Machine II mentioned by Emmanuel, I believe (as I was also a bit lost at a first glance) that there a little misunderstanding about what is this module for.

Best regards.


I believe the RACETRACK and SPEED MACHINE II modules were Horse Race Handicappingf modules. I have both ROMS, the overlays for SPEED MACHINE II, and one manual (Speed MACHINE II, I think) in my collection. If you have any specific questions, I could check tthe ROMs or look at old EduCALC Catalogs.


Just looked at the 1985 EduCalc Catalog,
Issue #29.

On Page 7:

Speed Machine II is Horserace Handcapping Program.
"Tells you when and how to bet to maximize your
returns on every dollar - combines fractional and
final race times to select the top 4 horses in each race
and tells you under what circumstances and at what odds
to make your bet."

Bill Hemphill


Here goes:


I believe Emmanuel will have some more info.


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