Difference between new HP-49G+ and HP-50G


What is the difference between new HP-49G+ (with SD card slot and USB) and HP-50G, besides color?


Hi, x34. Have a name? 8^)

Two obvious ones: the HP50G uses four AAA instead of the three ones used by the HP49G+, and the HP50G has an extra serial interface.

In terms of O.S., both may be loaded with the same version SO their hardware is compatible. Because they use a different ddp (sorry for that; I was reasoning in Portuguese terminology. ddp stands for electrical potential difference), I'd not risk telling they are the same inside.

Others will surely point out some not obvious differences.


Luiz (Brazil)

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In addition,

- the 50G is powered with the USB when it is connected

- First serie of the 49G+ have keyboard issues

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Thanks. I've seen several reports newest 49G+ model uses 4 AAAs, instead of 3, but have never seen the proof.

RS-232 is of no use for PC connectivity now, given the presence of USB and SD, However, USB power is definitely a big advantage.


In the absence of an USB 'on-the-go' implementation the serial port serves as a device to device link. A cross over cable is provided.


I've seen several reports newest 49G+ model uses 4 AAAs

Interesting, I thought the 49G+ always had 3 batteries even at the time when it was discontinued after it was superseded by the 50g.

I've seen several reports newest 49G+ model uses 4 AAAs, instead of 3,

This makes no sense.



common for both is the fact, that there has been no ROM update
for over three years now ... and that it is most unlikely that there
ever will be one.

Which makes my OSE/MLP together with the full command and
function reference (that is the Advanced User's Reference *inside*
your calculator) incorporated into the O.S. of the HP 50g to the only
"unofficial" ROM update available with fixing existing bugs in the
O.S. and bringing new features into it.

Various videos about it are available on my YouTube channel





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