How to rebuilt a 9114 Battery pack


Does anyone knows hwo to rebuilt a 88014A (battery pack) for my 9114A/B? In both drives I have bytteries, that shows a nearly empty status.. Where can I buy new Inserts (Mine is a Panasonic Lead-acid LCR-226P)



Use three Gates Cyclon 2.5 A-H ("D" size) cells.


Powersonic and several other people make direct replacements for the old Panasonic battery. It is a fairly common battery used in a lot of medical and other equipment. Replacements should cost less than $15.


I have replaced these. You can get almost direct replacements online. Do a search on "lead acid" batteries and look for a cross reference.

If you can't find the replacement, find someone selling a good supply of lead acid and ask them.

I got mine that way.


Send them an email with the battery number you have. Get the dimensions of the battery and try to find a match.

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