HP-41 Nutty question


I know that the HP-41CV came in both full and half nut varieties (I think the first one I owned was a full nut), and I beleive I've heard that HP-41Cs and CX's also come in both varieties.

Can anyone confirm it and what of their relative rarity?

Just an obscure question based on the obvservation that all the CVs and CX's I've seen pictured and for sale seem to be half nut, and the reverse for C's.

If anyone is knowledgable enough to extend this into the discussion of blank nuts, feel free (was there a half blank HP CX nut, or is my other half mistaken when she calls me one :-)


Take a look at the info provided by the webmaster in regards to the different types of 41's. The 41cx halfnut-blanknut does in fact exist as I own one.Thanks Dave H. for the forum.


I'm either blind or something, but I can't find the answers on this site.

I promise to blush as soon as someone points out the obvious to me


No, not blind, just nutty. go to "collectors corner" then to "series names" then scroll down until you find it!

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