New HP41CX from England???


Does anyone have the story behind the flood of new HP41CXs for sale on Ebay? I'll bet there has been thirty in the last three weeks.



I purchased one of these HP41CX calculators directly from Laurence Carr at Classic Calculators. It was as advertised. Inside the box it is perfect. The box itself is not damaged but is a bit dirty, as if it's been on a shelf in a stockroom. I paid US$399.00 including shipping and handling from the UK to my home in the USA.



I have sold quite a few of these units but not on ebay. I bought a batch from a guy who got them from an auction (real live auction, not ebay!), possibly in Scotland. A couple of other people also bought batches and are selling them off on Ebay. I dont know how many units became available in total.This is very much a "one off" as someone sold off a batch of old stock.

Personally I suspect they may have come from the old HP South Queensferry division in Scotland, maybe they were sitting in a basement there for 15 years??

Most of my units have already been sold, mostly to actual users rather than collectors, with a very high number of surveyors and engineers buying them to replace old failing 41CX units. many users were very happy to be able to replace a unit that was maybe 20 years old with something that has never been used.

Most of the pictures you see on EBAY are pictures I took of one of my units, but i did give permission to one other seller to use these images, One or two others are using these images without permission (but I dont think Ill bother to do anything about it)!

What amazes me is that I could have sold these units 2 or 3 times over based on my feedback, They seem to attract a very loyal and committed following.

I still have some left but Im holding on to them for a while in case any of the units I sold develop a fault and I need to send a replacement (30 day warranty!) If all goes well I will sell the remainder in a few weeks.

I will be at the HPCC meeting in London if anyone wants to discuss this face to face.

Laurence Carr


This event, and the 42S replacement units event (old HP stock sold on the HP on-line store), led me to state:

1- There is a market for small, powerful RPN calculators. This is a worldwide market, and customers are very loyal.

2- The web is a appropriate channel for reaching this market - it reaches a significant part of the market, very fast, with low upfront investment, and low operational cost.

So what ?

Well, where are the marketing geniuses ? Will they invest only on their own ideas, or will they just figure facts and act accordingly.

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