Newer shaped calculators disappear from the HP lineup


Looking at the HP calculator store, I noticed that HP-300s, HP-20b & HP-30b - which all had the new shape - have disappeared from the line-up. I understand the 20b being stopped as it was effectively superseded by the 30b. But the 30b isn't there either anymore.
Sorry if others have noted this already, I noticed this actually when looking for the HP-300s product page.


I had already speculated the 30b goes bye bye. There must have been a reason they were sold for less than 20 Euro. The 10BII+ will certainly follow as it was available for 10! Euro.


Interesting. I wouldn't have expected that given that the 30b is relatively recent and is quite a nice calculator. I bought several for WP-34S purposes and ended up keeping one as-is because it's a good financial calculator that's useful for simple scientific tasks, too. I like it.


The 10bII+ is not going anywhere. It replaced the 10bII and should live a long and happy life.



Tim, can we take your not mentioning the HP SmartCalc 300s, HP 20b and HP 30b as confirmation that they are in fact going away? And, for example, that as Walter says we should be stockpiling 30bs while we can?


No. Please read the other posts.


The 10bII+ is not going anywhere. It replaced the 10bII and should live a long and happy life.


Good to know! An encouraging sign: the 10bii+ is at office stores everywhere. (at least Staples)


3628800 Euro! Man that's expensive!


The 30b still appears to be available here.

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HP must be scared of the competition caused by the 34S ;-)

- Pauli


Oh dear, I wouldn't have expected that in my wildest dreams! ;-/

Tim, was that the background for you starting that other topic ("... vs. ...")?

Looks like folks who want a WP 34S but didn't get one so far should order their 30b's now :-)


Nope, just something I'd been wanting to write for quite a while.

The HP web store linked to from the main page has the very annoying tendency to lose a bunch of products every time they change the format, text, or someone happens to sneeze near the web server. It doesn't just happen with calculator stuff either.

There is no change in the product lineup happening right now and anything speculated from this is just that.



NT :-)


The most recent changes have made a mess of the support web site as well - as a long time HP user I'm not impressed.

Mike T.


Products appear and disappear in the HP online store all the time, for no apparent reason. I wouldn't read too much into it.





Ahhhh,.....choo! (sneeze)

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Phew. I surely hope the 20b/30b remain on the market for quite some time. While I am quite sure that HP will not sense the WP-34S repurposing effect in their 20b/30b sales figures, we need this platform to stay available, unless a new suitable platform surfaces.


Just a reminder that the HP 30b is available from Amazon for $20.56 (as of 4/20/2012).

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