User's manual for CCD module for HP-41


I have a CCD module for the HP-41 that came with the user's manual in German. I am in search of the manual in English. Would anybody know if a scan could be downloaded or a copy be located?

I can be contacted at

Mark V.


Hello Mark,
I have the user's manual in German but the QRG in English. I can scan it. Please wait.


I have original English and German User Manuals and QRG's.

I do not have time to scan it. Any suggestions?


Some time ago I contacted W&W the German producer of the CCD module, asking about the English language user manual - unfortunately with no positive response.

If possible for someone I want to trade the German manual version with the English manual.

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph


What manual do you have now (English or German)?


Dear Chris Catotti,

I have the German version (including binder) and want to trade this for getting the English CCD module manual.

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph

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