[WP34S] VIEWalpha not working as documented


On p. 73 of the most recent manual, the function in question has three documented paths to invocation. Of the three, only the second, via a function in the P.FCN menu, can I find. The first path (h VIEW alpha) merely displays VIEW s_. The third path, via a function in X.FCN, does not exist--the functions go from VERS to WDAY in the menu listing.

Is the calculator wrong, or is the manual? I am using the most recent firmware release, 2809.




The third path is definitely a manual error. We removed the duplicated commands in the catalogues and the manual mustn't have been completely updated.

The second, I'm not so sure about. At the moment it is asking for a lettered/stack register, I've a feeling we didn't want that here but aren't sure anymore. So it is either a manual error or a bug from the code size reduction efforts in the keyboard handling.

- Pauli


Thanks for reporting! As Pauli wrote, the third way is an error (survivor) in the manual. Corrected and will be submitted soon. The first way should work (but out of alpha mode only). Looks like an error in input handling. Will investigate.


Updated the manual according to the VIEW[alpha] behaviour as is. May change, however.


In alpha mode, press h VIEW -. The '-' shall remind you of the three dashes displayed below the text.

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