If the 50g has one, does the 35s have one?


Hello all,

Thank you for pointing the way so I can get a hardcopy of both the User's Manual and Advanced User's Reference Guide for the 50G. Since the 33S does come with a printed manual, is there a source where I can purchase a physical copy of the 35S User's Manual?

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The best way I can think of is to have it printed and spiral-bound all on your own. The second best option might be to buy an older 35s which came with an actual hardcopy of the manual - at least mine did. So ask the seller first if it's included!


Your best bet is to order a 15C LE, since it comes with not only a manual, but also a calculator that isn't full of calculation and execution bugs. ;)


My 35s came with a number I could call to get a free printed manual. I'm not sure if they still do that, but check the materials carefully.


I have one left that I made, spiral bound, $10 plus shipping.


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