HP-82240A Module for HP-41CV


Hi all

Wasn't there a creation of an IR module for the HP-41 Series that allowed the use of the HP-82240A (or B) printer? If so, where can I get one?

Also, is the A version compatible with an HP-50G?

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where can I get one?

At the usual place ;-)


Just be patient and wait if you don't want to pay about four times as much.

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Ah, our old friend Coburlin now DBA garboco. I contacted him a couple of days ago offering to buy a HP-71b 4k RAM module for $10 that he wanted around $200 for. Funny, he never replied. :)


LOL... Here we have a saying that could be translated as: 'Poking the beast with a short stick...'.



I have one (thanks, YKW; will never forget) and I could keep the original box, manual and the small ESD protection. Would mine be rated US$450.00 then?

I'll keep it! Not for sale!


Luiz (Brazil)


Hello Luiz,

I was given a nice module (I refused the HP-82240A printer because I had two HP-82240B printers already, one of them NIB). I have also a fine manual. Wouldn't US$ 300.00 be kind of a bargain? :-)




Hi, Gerson;

I guess garboco (AKA Coburlin...) opened a wide range of possibilities... He is the international version of our well known Navarro, the 'gate keeper' for HP prices at Mercado Livre.

And R$300,00 is, indeed, a bargain... it is barely the price of a NIB HP50G.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hello there.

I presume, due to the date this module was released, this module communicates with the A printer. Right?

Thanks for the buying tip.



In terms of compatibility, there are only two main differences between the A and B models.

The 82240A has a single character set, while the 82240B allows you to choose between ROMAN 8 and ECMA 94. Both character sets repeat the same characters in the lower range (0 to 127, or 0x00h to 0x7F), while the upper range (128 to 255, or 0x80 to 0xFF) differs in almost all characters.

The second difference is that the HP82240B leaves an extra blank ┬┤dot line' in the top of all characters, which allows a better text reading while keeping graphics printing with no blanks between printed lines.

If a calculator can operate the HP82240A it can also operate the HP82240B. The HP48 series offers an operation named 'OLDPRT' which remaps its printing output. You see, the printer itself is not 'changed', the calculator itself generates the correct codes so what you want to print will actually be printed in each printer model. The main issue is that some characters available in the later calculators do not have matches in the HP82240A, so some characters will not be printed as expected. Some calculators, like the HP42S, print correctly with the HP82240A but they can also use the HP82240B after sending the correct 'escape sequence' to select ROMAN 8 character set.

I guess that more details can be found in their manuals.


Luiz (Brazil)

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Yes, OLDPRT. I've seen that mentioned in the AUG for the 50G as well.


Luiz, you left off the most important differece, IHMO.

The B will automatically power down after not receiving any data for 10 minutes, while the A will just sit there and run down the batteries until you turn it off.


I totally forgot about that!

Thanks a lot!

And there is also the small LED, indicating it is ON. The A has no virtual indication, we must check the ON/OFF key. (That's what happens when you are absent for too long and try to write by heart... Memory fault!)


Luiz (Brazil)

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