Truly powerful ~HP ~calculator


Dave, would you consider making a permanent part of MoHPC that HTML of the ~calculator posted many months back? I vague remember that it was modeled on the HP-65 style, but had a boatload of unusual functions (sed was in there somewhere, several other ~unix functions, and some that unix hadn't even yet discovered :).

What made it really impressive was that the HTML layout looked *just* like one had stopped by, indeed I heard that HP had received some phone calls from people wanting to pre-order this powerhouse.

For those who didn't see this, it wasn't of this world, or universe either, but a very clever bit of fun / wishful thinking....


I'm probably going to add the Xpander soon and perhaps the 48SX so sometime within the next month or so, it should show up on the main page.

Since it kind of upset the manager of HP's online store, I didn't want to link it in right away.

While you're waiting though, you can look at it here


I love this one : light-year to parsecs, and reverse... ;-)


Perhaps if he put 'light year <-> days' the fool joke would have been better?


Now that several other models are "gone", Dave could include those that are referred to in the "Other" section and reorganize them into a new section (or maybe several sections. For instance, we could have a section devoted to the Clamshells, another one to the 48 family and so on. Of course, Dave will be able to include excelent photographs of them all, as he has done with the "traditional" part of the site.

I can´t wait for this major improvement !



I'll be adding more models in time.


Thank you, Dave.

I'd forgotten about the HALT CTCH FIRE functionality, but did remember there was more unix-based stuff, and sure enough, to the left of SED can be seen AWK, to the right PERL, and two rows up the treasured RM -R (!).

I believe that this treat will be enjoyed by millions (well, OK, EEX 3 at a minimum, maybe 4 over the years), and BTW, if you have a pre-production model I might be interested.... :)


Haven't you seen the pre-production models on ebay? The "Build it now" option was popular.


Actually, these were HP's way of having the machine switch from RPN to some insane version of algebraic.

Halt - Stop the machine from doing anything useful

CaTCH - For the user to catch their breath and REALLY think through what they are about to do


FIRE - The electronics of the unit begin a slow march to buring themselves out trying to solve equations with several dozens of pending operations.



... just for the fun...

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