Diagnostic tests for 12C and 19Bii


I am interested in purchasing one of these calculators from a local pawn shop. I've read that there are built in diagnostic tests to determine if the calculator has all its functionality. Could someone share the sequence for the 12C and the 19B-II? I can find references to it on the web ("see the owner's manual") but this shop doesn't have any manuals in the store.




There are 2 different diagnostic tests you can do to a 12c. They also run on 10, 11, 15, and 16c's. I can't remember exactly which operand button you press but you press and hold the 'on' button and I think the 'x' key to begin the memory test. The display will flash 'running' while it is doing this. After a few moments the display will light all the segments in it. That means the test was successful. If the display doesn't light up then the calc or the display is bad. There are a few segments, such as 'grad' that don't apply to the business calc that light up. The other is a key test. Again, press and hold the 'on' key and I believe the 'divide' key. Segments will light up in the display. Press each key in order from left to right and top to bottom, remember to press the 'enter' key both times. If this test works there will be a '12' displayed in the middle of the display. If it passes both of these tests the 12c should be OK. I have no information on how to check the 19b. Anyone else?


I hesitated to answer this one because I too 'couldnt quite' remember the key sequences or what they do...its something like ON+one of the top (unmarked) buttons... Other things: Make sure all the keys do something, that they are not soft or stuck, check for battery leakage.


Pressing On + the fifth function key (the white in the first row) from the left starts a looping test, after a while the message OK - 19 BII appears. To stop the looping test press On + third key from the left - MACHINE RESET aperars, or press On, Fail 1 appears, which does not mean anything.

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