USB-41 Module, project status update.


Hi all,

The USB-41 module project is, as the rest of the modules I've designed so far, a multifunctional device.

Currently the hardware part of the project is finished, the first units (a small run of about 20) are in production
during this and the next week, and will be shipped afterwards.

Fuctionality for the "Text mode 82143A" emulation is also finished including a Windows based interface
to accept the "printed" data, save it to a file and/or actually hardcopy it on any suitable printer attached
to your PC. Details

I've also included the USB Power function, so the HP-41 can be powered from the USB-41 module as long
as it is attached to a powered USB computer port.

The "Clonix-41" functionality is inherent to the USB-41 module, although it is not yet implemented in the
ClonixConfig.exe utility. I'm currently upgrading to ver. 3.0 in order to include USB-41 module configuration
as well as access to pages #4 & #5, as requested for a well known programmer/user, contributor and friend... :-)

New version will allow up to 8 .ROM pages to be included in the USB-41 module in a Clonix-like fashion.

Current software developement for the USB-41 is the Wand emulation. This requires handling of the not very
well documented FI line, but currently the single byte bar-codes can be issued, so I'm confident in having a
functional version by this summer (depending on the spare time availability)

There is another application being developed simultaneously, intended to provide a means to transfer HP-41
pages directly to a PC .ROM file and vice-versa, using HEPAX RAM and the "COPYROM" command.
The HP-41 -> PC direction has been tested and works as expected; still pending is the development of the
PC -> HP-41 mode which requires more control due to limited amount of RAM inside PIC microcontroller
to build a suitable buffer.

These are my inmediate goals for this new-born member of the Clonix family. Hope you find it interesting.

Cheers from the Canary Islands.


PS. For the curious users out there: you will see that the "NoV-2E7" is no longer in the ClonixConfig.exe utility and its place is now used by the USB-41.

This "NoV-2E7" module was about to have 128K (32 pages) regrettably the sample RAM chips I used for the prototypes (which eventually worked as expected) were soon afterwards discontinued by the manufacturer and no suitable replacement was offered; so I decided to stop development and only the two prototypes were built.

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¡Felicitaciones, Diego!

As always, outstanding achievements. I for one should say: ¡Muchas Gracias! Now I'll have to find a way to buy one of these marvelous modules as soon as they are available.

In time: I am totally unaware of what happened to the replacement flex for the HP41 battery/module ports you have once announced. Is it being sold? I'll surely need at least two of them.


Luiz (Brazil)


Now I'll have to find a way to buy one of these marvelous modules as soon as they are available.

Queue, please! Ahahahah, just joking Luiz.

I am totally unaware of what happened to the replacement flex for the HP41 battery/module ports you have once announced. Is it being sold?

You bet! I bought one.

Thanks Diego, Hi Luiz!


Ciao, Massimo!

Please, allow me to ask something related to the flex replacement. What can you tell about the handling while placing it in the module? I have no doubts at all about the product itself, just would like to know if there is some tip, suggestion or recommendation from someone other than the very flex creator, for he knows exactly how to do it. Did you face any 'dangerous' circumstance?


Luiz (Brazil)


The truth? I must confess that it is still in pristine condition since I managed to clean&fix the one I was planning to substitute...
But I printed and studied the photographic documentation that Diego provided and I was quite confident I could manage not to make a total mess.

Too optimistic? Maybe, but in Diego I trust! :-)



Too optimistic? Maybe, but in Diego I trust! :-)
Don't we all?

Grazie, Massimo. I totally understand what you mean. As soon as the USB-41 is available I will surely order two flex replacements as well. And I promise to respect queue... 8^D


Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi Luiz,

As Massimo has already noted the Flex PCB replacements have been around for awhile, (more than six years now), I'm very happy (may I be allowed to say proud?) to know that more than 300 units are hopefully giving new life to HP-41's around the world... :-)

You can find detailed info in the "Maintenence" page of my site at:; and/or mail me with any comments or questions.

Regarding availability of the new USB-41 module, I'll place an ad in the corresponding section of the museum early next week.

Best wishes and thanks for your interest and support.



May I say, in plain Geek, w00t!!

(Sorry, there's no corresponding page on



Thank-U :-)

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